Communication Strategies

to generate lasting change.

Ginger Homan, ABC, SCMPMnuchin said Thunberg needed to study economics before offering climate proposals. So we talked to an economist. https://t.co/8RfgaO9b9F5 days ago 0 2
Ginger Homan, ABC, SCMPI can't believe it took this long -- but I also doubted it would ever happen. Virginia Ratifies The Equal Rights Amendment, Decades After The Deadline https://t.co/7IgSAROSsU2 weeks ago 0 4
Ginger Homan, ABC, SCMPShe does it again. In every book there is one line that rings true to my soul. This time, it came fast. Page 12: "When someone mattered like that, you didn't lose her at death. You lost her as you kept living." True. @b_kingsolver https://t.co/196GwwSi9h3 months ago 0 4