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Ginger Homan, ABCThis will be amazing. If you are in the region and haven't registered, take a look! @IABCEME https://t.co/vtnuD9lCNc3 days ago 0 5
Ginger Homan, ABCFrustrating when people say this is a 2nd amendment issue. I have not heard a single person who wants to void the 2nd amend. What I hear are practical approaches to save our children. We have safe guards on the 1st amend. This is no different. #GunReformNow #NationalWalkoutDay https://t.co/R8MxyHVcgO4 days ago 0 10
Ginger Homan, ABCHelp the #IABCFoundation deliver cutting-edge research to #communication professionals globally, meet other IABC members dedicated to advancing the profession and learn about all the Foundation has to offer. Apply by 20 March: https://t.co/ciH1TfCMIC5 days ago 7 9