Freese Architecture: A Game Plan to Grow

The Challenge:
A Midwest-modern architecture firm wanted to broaden their geographic reach and build their brand.

Through client interviews, Zia determined what differentiated the firm from others and created key messages that resonated with their audiences. These
interviews are critical to understanding how clients think, what they value and what drives their selection process.

The message map, which is a central part of their marketing strategy, outlines what each target audience needs to understand to select Freese as their architect. This map serves as an outline for all marketing content the firm will create.

A three-year marketing plan was developed to build the brand and prioritize spending to fit the firm’s budget. The comprehensive plan includes recommendations on speaking opportunities, public relations, website, social media, publications, marketing materials, personal touches for the clients, business development, proposals and community involvement. All recommendations are geared to expand the firm’s geographic reach and grow the business. The report
also includes baseline benchmark’s from other similar firms so Freese can measure success of his programs.

Knowing what makes them different from other firms has empowered Freese Architecture to create conversations that will grow their brand recognition.

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