Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative

Walmart is leveraging their size and scale to empower women across their global supply chain. In 2011 they committed to:
• Source $20 billion from women owned businesses
• Fund $100 million in women’s programs
• Train 1 million women in farms and factories
The commitment was to accomplish all goals by the end of 2016. To make that a reality they needed to get their message out to key audiences.

To drive awareness of Walmart’s efforts to empower women globally, encourage women to participate, and engage partners to help achieve goals, we created a toolkit for leaders to use across the globe. The materials included:
• A brand to easily identify all women’s initiatives.
• Infographic to tell the story
• Presentation deck showing Walmart’s progress in the women’s space
• Talking points, FAQs, and fact sheets
• Ads for programs at key events highlighting a personal story of a woman who had been helped through one of the programs.
• Banners and tradeshow materials to get the message out at conferences

The WEE program is on target for reaching their goals by the end of 2016. To date:
• Walmart sourced $4.16 billion in 2014 for a total of $11.24 billion program-to-date and $775 million ahead of their goal.
• Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have provided more than $100 million in philanthropic giving to support Women’s Economic Empowerment initiatives around the world.
• To date, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have contributed training to more than 500,000 women on farms, in factories, in retail and for improved career opportunities in the U.S.

For more information on this project, see our portfolio.

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