Walton Family Foundation

Building a Team

The Challenge

Rapid growth in the number of employees, coupled with a diverse workforce, made employee engagement a challenge for the Walton Family Foundation. Forty percent of their workforce had been at the foundation for less than one year and 78 percent for less than five.
The diversity also included areas of specialty, geographic location, race and culture.

Zia was engaged to develop a communication strategy that aligned employees and built trust, and to empower the foundation’s communication team with the tools and processes they needed to be successful.

The Solution

After a deep dive into the audience and their needs, Zia developed a strategic communications framework that identified what success looked like and a road map to get there. Each communication objective was tied to the foundation’s objectives and included strategies and action items to achieve success, as well as rituals to ingrain into the culture. As with all Zia projects, it also included metrics to measure outcomes for lasting change.


“We have seen amazing results,” said Jessica Young with WFF. “We launched an intranet, continue to send out our weekly email with a steady 69% open rate and are getting ready to implement a middle-manager communications plan. The CEP results sang high praise of our broad internal communications but that we still needed to improve on our team communication. Lots of exciting stuff happening. Appreciate you all helping us get up and rolling.”